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History and the Area


It will be the land of the giants of Mont'e Prama, Oristano, the first town in the world to welcome the event Football Talents. Oristano's territory is characterized by its strategic location in Sardinia and the Mediterranean, with direct access from the outside by sea and connecting to major centers of Sardinia across the main Sardinian road artery and the rail network.


Forty years ago, in the territory of Cabras in Oristano province, were brought to light what were then called the giants of mont'e prama: 24 statues of warriors, archers and boxers two and a half meters tall, sculpted in the round of stone sandstone, dating back probably to the ninth century. B.C.
The type and number of fragments, as well as their state of preservation, made this discovery one of the most important cultural events of the last century.
The kolossoi, found nell'Heroon of Mont'e Prama, the funerary area that represents a monumental site in which to celebrate the heroes ancestors, through the exaltation of the power and greatness of a people, who had reached very high levels of civilization in all fields.


The territory of Oristano as well as being rich in culture and history also features sea and beaches. The stunning oristanese coastline indeed offers a wide choice for lovers of the sea: Marina Torre Grande, the Sinai Peninsula, S'Archittu, Arutas, S'Anea Scoada, Putzu Idu and Sa Mesa Longa that are among the most beautiful beaches Sardinia.

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