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The Project

The Football Talents project was created with the specific intention of improving the technical ability, tactical and physical of players aged 8 to 16 years, creating an important opportunity for visibility at international level for each of them. Not only that, one of the objectives that the project has is there are 10 basic rules:

The young sportsman must be ENTERTAINED

  • They have to socialize with classmates and see the coach as a true educator, learn to respect the teammates, the rules and culture of defeat.
  • Parents will be an integral part of the young sportsman growth plan through feedback and ideas during the entire period.
  • Coaches and educators will be viewed and updated through meetings and technical meetings.
  • The chosen professionals will be rewarded through free training opportunities.
  • Guests and testimonials will be an integral part of the project as well as the promoters to the national and foreign territory.

The other four rules pertaining to training through the following stages:

  • Initial assessment
  • Technique - Tactical - Physical - Psychological Development
  • Adapt to competition
  • Food control and targeted assessments at maximum physical efficiency


Each participant will receive the ID card of the athlete: postural assessments, motor skills and technical qualities, issuing SSL certification (technical-physical card).

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