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The Football Talents project, is the brainchild of Raffaelel Noce and Simone Ripamonti to create a soccer school that is both seasonal and permanent,  unique in the Mediterranean.  
The format differs from the normal activities of the traditional summer camp thanks to the presence of different professionals - in a multidisciplinary environment - ranging from the professional technician, educator, nutritionist up to the sports physician; without underestimating the part relative to entertainment, culture (especially of the local area) and development of interpersonal and creative skills of anyone that travels hand in hand together with the sporting and technical tactics. The experience gained over the past 20 years as organizers and promoters of football events at international level have led the designers to consider Sardinia as ideal destination for the creation and development of a single pole in the world that is capable of combining sport and the environment in a mix of "excellence" typical of the Italian football culture.


The meeting with Andrea Delpin and awareness of proper sporting facility in the territory of Oristano - the Federal Technical Training Center "Tino Carta" Sa Rodia - made it possible to create a center which combines the sporting event with needs of tourism promotion of the territory and the same sports facility Sa Rodia. The ability to converge on this project industry's best professionalism in the territory, making them compare with as many professionals from all over Europe, is an achievable factor that could stimulate and create excitement in the whole football movement of the island.


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