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Useful tips

medical certificate and info Sheet

During registration you are required to submit a simple health certificate, issued by the family physician. also it needs to be filled in the information document, which is found in the same form to join the field, in order to better follow each child. It's important that we are provided with all the information it to better manage the situation and any issues that might occur.

May we visit the children during their stay?

NO! In the performance of the field we try to create a family atmosphere in which every child feels involved and followed; At the same time we take care of their integration with the others. For this reason the visits of some parents or other people, disrupting the conduct of activities and the group atmosphere, endanger the success of the camp and the full satisfaction of the participants, even creating discrimination among children, especially toward those parents who cannot visit.

can we call during the stay?

YES! During the summer camp you can make or receive just one phone call (or incoming or outgoing) and can be made by parents / relatives or participants. We recommend you leave this option to the choice of the children. Parents can instead call in office hours, the operational secretary, constantly in connection with the field manager. It is understood that for any problem the camp manager will warn the family directly, as well as the secretariat will instantly warn the camp manager in the case of urgent matters from the family. It can also happen that the boys, usually older ones, do not want to call home, and we usually try to respect their desire for autonomy. In case of necessity it will be the manager of the camp contact their families at the numbers listed by the parents in the registration form.


The operational offices will be active for every need at the numbers and times that will be communicated. For emergencies or any urgent communication, outside the allocated times, there will still be a telephone service always active. The number will be communicated in an information leaflet for the parents.

outdoor activities

Remember that the Field takes place mostly outdoors, in a natural environment. While ensuring the utmost care, you may experience minor accidents such as bruises, insect bites, minor cuts, sprains: it is almost inevitable drawbacks in this kind of activity. Many of our operators are able to take appropriate action. For several cases there is activated by involving a physician or relying on hospital services.

Things to bring

They are indicated in the fact sheets. It is advisable to mark the clothing of the participants so as to avoid possible confusion and lostb items. It is advisable also to apply a label with your name and address in the suitcase.

Things NOT to bring

Mobile phones, video games, playing cards and the like, sweets, beverages (excluding water and fruit juices, necessary to first day of travel) Walkman, iPod, MP3 players, knives or other similar items, not essential medicines and not specified on the  registration form.


Compatibly with the host structures it is essential to understand exactly the problem of the child; There reserves still to examine case by case non-serious diversability situations. More complex situations can be taken into consideration only on condition that the child is accompanied.

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